My Tattoo Looked So Awful

When I was 18 years old, my best friend and I both went to a tattoo artist. Actually, I would not call him an artist because he did not do a good job at all. I am a huge Mickey Mouse fan, and I wanted a tattoo of him on my lower arm. What I got was a poor excuse for the famous mouse. I thought I was just stuck with it, but I had heard about a clinic that removed tattoos that are no longer wanted. I did a search for aesthetic Singapore clinic because I had no idea which clinic it was, and it was very easy to find with this search.

I had no idea what to expect, and I was very thankful that their website was extremely informative. I was able to read about the process in detail, and I was also able to book an appointment right there on the site too. I knew that it was just to talk about the procedure and to even make sure that I was a candidate for it. Continue reading